Forget Crunches.

Forget Sit-ups.

0-6 Pack Abs

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Created by: Dr. James Vegher & Tyler Bramlett

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0-6 Pack Abs Review

Abs & Core Exercises

Everything you need in one complete package.

Easy to Follow Videos

Step by step instructional videos included for each exercise.

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No Situps!  No Crunches!

By now, we’ve all learned that crunches and sit-ups alone simply don’t work and there are studies that have shown these exercises can actually hurt your spine.  Programs have developed over the years teaching us the same combination of pilates, yoga, and other cardio routines to target our abs.  What they don’t teach you are the essentials to developing your core.  This programs eliminates the use of all of those uncomfortable exercises and provides you with some of the safest and most creative and effective ways to target that annoying waistline.Areas of your body that will benefit from this program include:
  • Core
  • Abs
  • Waistline
This review of 0-6 Pack Abs will provide you with some insight to what this program has to offer and how it will transform your core through unique and proven exercises.

About the Program

Unlike other ab exercise programs, 0-6 Pack Abs provides a complete ab and core workout program that comes with easy to follow instructional videos, audio, and manuals to help you target your core, abs, and waistline.  Through these exercises, you’ll begin to notice dramatic improvements to your abs and waistline in addition to providing other benefits including fixing back aches, relieving digestive isues, improving posture, and even eliminating achy hips and shoulders.No other program offers these types of benefits.

What You Get

Thanks to the internet, once you purchase the program, you’ll have immediate access to all of the following:
  • Quick Start Video Guide: This video provides you with a quick introduction to the creators of this program, Physical Therapist, Dr. James, Vegher and Personal Trainer, Tyler Bramlett, followed by an overview of the entire program.
  • Video Instructions: The guide is broken down into two phases with separate levels for each phase.  The first phase contains 4 levels and the second phase has 14 levels.
  • Manuals: In addition to the videos, every program comes with illustrated manuals to read or skim through.
  • Track Sheets: Use the track sheets provided to monitor your perfomance.  Score your own performance and work up to a 9 or 10 to move up to the next level.
  • MP3 Audio Tracks: For those who simply want to put on a headset and get started, use the mp3 audio tracks to perform each exercise.
  • Bonus: In addition to the vast number of exercises, you’ll also get bonus programs to help with your weight loss and fitness regimen.  Bonus programs include: The 7 Fat Loss Habits, Progressive Bodyweight workouts (CT-50), and the 72 Hour Gut Inflammation Solution.

Bonus Programs


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Meet the Creators

The program is authored by Tyler Bramlett, a Functional Training Expert and Sports Performance coach and by Dr. James Vegher, a well respected Physical Therapist who developed the new creative approach to core training.  From what is told in his website, a series of personal events led Tyler Bramlett to Dr. James Vegher where he encountered the Dr.’s core training techniques.  Realizing its potential and effectiveness, they compiled the techniques into a fitness program which is now available to you.