Best Affordable Power Racks

by | Aug 25, 2020

These affordable power racks are all you need

Home gyms are becoming more popular as people search for a way to survive this pandemic. 

Even with gyms slowly re-opening, the importance and convenience of home gyms are being recognized.

Power racks have always been a favorite among strength training enthusiasts.

Even with the increases in equipment costs, you can still get a power rack at a relatively affordable price. 

A lot of power racks cost upwards of $900 but there are some quality racks that you can get for under $500.

And if that’s still beyond your price point, consider half racks or squat racks.

Aside from the price, the only real, noticeable difference between the more expensive racks is the construction.

Not to say that the lower-priced racks are subpar but you’ll notice the difference in stability when you re-rack heavier weights.

Some of the best affordable power racks will support heavy weights.  And by heavy, we mean 500 lbs.

There’s slight movement every time you re-rack but hardly worth a concern.

If your average lift is about 3 wheels (315 lbs.), any of these affordable power racks will suit you just fine.

23.5”L x 59”W x 48.5”H, Bar 2x2, 14 gauge steel
44"L x 46"W x 82"H, Bar 2x2, 12 gauge steel
28"L x 46"W x 87"H, Bar 2x2, 9 gauge steel
44.75"L x 53.25"W x 82.25"H, Bar 2x3, 11 gauge steel
48"L x 48"W x 83"H, Bar 2x3, 11 gauge steel
Weight Capacity
800 lbs.
600 lbs.
3000 lbs.
1100 lbs.
1000 lbs.


Fitness Reality 810XLT

This is a light power rack (134lbs.) but according to the manual, it’s capable of handling 800lbs.  I’ve squatted 405lbs. without any problems except for some movement…especially when you rack.  The J-Hooks seem more than capable of handling heavy weight and the bar catches are an inch thick steel bar so it will hold.  Continuous drops on the catches will eventually bend them, so keep that in mind.  I love the muti-grip pull up bar.  This rack is the best bang for your buck.

Powerline by Body-Solid (PPR200X)

This is another light rack from Body-Solid.  You have a choice between this one or the BFPR100 but for the sake of comparing apples to apples, we reviewed the PPR200X.  This rack is rated to handle 600lbs. but racking 405lbs. gives it some movement.  It’s a solid rack that uses barbell stops instead of J-Hooks and has a straight bar for pull-ups.  A 1-inch round bar catch is used and like all others, you want to avoid dropping heavy weights on it to avoid bending.  Body-Solid supports this rack with a 10-year warranty on the frame and 1-year warranty on parts.

Titan X-2 Series Power Rack

This is a mid-range rack constructed with a whopping 2×2, 9 gauge steel.  Of course, with that comes an increase in price but if you can afford it, it’s a great rack for your home. It comes with J-Hooks and two separate pull up bars, 1 ¼” and 2” diameter.  It also provides weight holders for your plates and band pegs for added resistance.  Don’t worry about the weight capacity as it’s well over a thousand pounds.

Titan T-3 Series

Another Titan beast at a relatively affordable cost.  This rack has a 2×3, 11 gauge frame and despite the thinner steel compared to the T-2, the T-3 has a rack capacity is little over a thousand pounds.  It comes with two pull-up bar variations and J-Hooks but doesn’t come with the other features like the T-2.

Rep Power Rack – PR-1000

A light rack with a 2×2, 14 gauge frame, this rack is comparable to Fitness Reality’s 810XLT.  Unlike the Fitness Reality’s rack, this has a different assembly, bigger J-Hooks, single pull-up bar in the front, and a rear plate holder/pegs which can actually help with movement and balance.  According to Rep Fitness, this rack has a max rack capacity of 700lbs.

The Benefit of Affordable Power Racks

Aside from the obvious benefits, these particular power racks have some advantages over the more expensive counterparts.

They’re not significant benefits but maybe enough to help in your decision.

They’re light – I know it’s not what you want to hear in a power rack.  Generally, you want something heavier for stability and durability but hear me out.  I’ve had to move mine several times and it was very easy.  That’s a huge benefit…at least for me.  It also helps with assembly/disassembly.  Plus, it’s for your home, not a commercial gym so you don’t need the excess weight unless you demand top quality.

They’re durable – Despite its lighter material, these racks are durable and can withstand a lot of abuse.  You’ll see scratches and some of the powder coatings will wear off but overall, these racks are structurally sound.

More Affordable – These racks are affordable.  At least more affordable than the heavier, commercial models. Don’t equate affordable with bad.  They can withstand more weight than the average person’s max.


Of course, these affordable power racks aren’t perfect.  With a lower price comes a few flaws, faults, or whatever you want to call it.

Lower weight capacity – The actual weight limit may not always be what they claim.  Use your own judgment. It’s pretty easy to gauge how durable the cage is by the amount of movement/sway, especially when you rack the weight.  For those that don’t bolt down, make sure you position the back of the rack against the wall or something solid.

Minimal accessories – J hooks and bar catches are about all you get.  You’ll be lucky if you get dip bars which would be nice or a cable system for pull-downs, etc…

Steel safety bar/pins/catches – Avoid dropping the bar on these catches.  Unlike the rectangular safety bars, the steel tubes tend to bend more easily.  Don’t leave heavy weights on there for a lengthy period of time.
Shallow Depth – Some of these racks are shallow.  I prefer to have deeper racks beyond 24 inches but if budget is a factor, that is the absolute minimum I would recommend.  Any shorter than that and you feel like your movement(s) are restricted so would you end up having to perform your lifts outside of the rack.

Whatever you decide, know that there are affordable power racks available for you.  If you’re a beginner don’t concern yourself with the frame and rack capacity but if you’re an average to the intermediate lifter, the five racks listed will suffice.  Don’t worry about the movement.  Rest it against a wall and you’ll be fine.