Body-Solid EXM2500S Home Gym Review

by | Oct 16, 2020


If you’re old school like myself, you’ll love the Body-Solid EXM2500S.  It was the very first home gym I ever owned and it helped me with my strength training for years.  

Although it was long ago, I remember it distinctly.  The durable, white frame and the Body-Solid brand name featured prominently on the side of the body.  I got so much out of it that the more I think about it, the more I regret selling it.

This machine is simple and may have an arguably dated design.  It’s not flashy like the newer selectorized machines available out there but it’s the durability and overall effectiveness where it really excels.

This is a solid, well-constructed home gym that’s built to last…and despite my preference for free weights, I would put this on my list of best home gyms for those who enjoy selectorized machines.  


The Body-Solid EXM2500S is loaded with 210 lbs. of cast iron, stacked weights in 10 lb. increments that are shared between two stations.  Each station grants you access to a range of leg and upper body exercises that will satisfy the average user.

Body-Solid is reputed for their warranty but the pinnacle of its fame is its rigidity and this machine is no exception.  It’s constructed with heavy 12 gauge steel and carries a completed assembly weight of 446 lbs. This home gym borders commercial grade and is more than durable enough to withstand the most extensive home use.   

This beast will withstand years of extensive use and still provide you with smooth and fluid movements thanks to its 2200 lb. test cables and fiberglass reinforced pulley system. 

And as a testament to its longevity, I only had to clean the bearings of a couple of the pulleys after years of abuse.  


This home gym features two stations that target every part of your body.

The prominent station allows you to perform chest press, pulldowns, leg extensions, leg curls, and a number of other exercises.  

The secondary station is the pec station.  It’s designed for flys and other exercises performed with cables: cable squats, pull-throughs, curls, tricep extensions, deadlifts, calf raises, kickbacks, abductions, etc…

Areas for Improvement

Being that it’s an older model, there are a few options or features that are missing that the newer smaller models possess – The adjustable back padding and the adjustable press arms along with a leg press machine.

The adjustable back padding would allow you to perform rows and making the press arms adjustable would allow you to perform inclines and possibly shoulder presses.


The Body-Solid EXM2500S is the larger of their single stack gyms so it has a bit of a footprint.  

The dimensions are 83” L x 51” W x 83” H so you want to make sure you have plenty of space available for movement.


As with most home gyms, you have to go through the agonizing ordeal of assembling unless you have someone do it for you.

It took me what felt like an eternity to assemble… so be prepared to set aside a few hours. 

Once completed, however, you’ll be able to enjoy years of extensive strength training.

Tips: A few pieces of advice before you start assembling.

First, when you start assembling the pulleys, don’t tighten them all the way until you feed the cables through them first.  Test them with the cables to ensure they spin smoothly.  

I made the mistake of tightening all of the pulleys before realizing some of them weren’t spinning.  I ended up having to loosen every pulley.

And second, as obvious as it may sound, keep in mind that this is a relatively large machine with a height of 83” and a width of 53” with a weight of 446 lbs.  Make sure you put it together in the room you want it placed because it’s not going anywhere once it’s assembled.


Body-Solid offers one of the best warranties in the industry.  An In-home lifetime warranty on the frame, welds, pulleys, bushings, bearings, hardware, plates, guide rods, cables, upholstery, grips…basically everything. 

Just hang on to your receipt. 

With a proven track record, Body-Solid is certainly one of the better manufacturers of fitness equipment and this machine exemplifies the quality of their craftsmanship.  The fact that they provide a lifetime warranty should tell you that this machine will last you a lifetime.