The Body Solid Freeweight Leverage Gym is similar to the Powertec model but on a slightly bigger scale with some different variations.  The very first thing you will notice is the commercial quality frame.  It’s built with 10 and 11 gauge steel making this a solid piece of equipment.   It’s constructed very well from top to bottom so you can expect this to last you a lifetime.  In fact, Body Solid is so sure of their product, they offer a lifetime warranty. 

Even the paint seems to withstand scratches from the weights banging against it.  The padding and upholstery are heavy duty and appears to be able to tolerate a lot of abuse and sweat that comes with serious workouts.

When you use Body Solid’s SBL460P4, you’ll notice that all of the stations are positioned perfectly allowing for a safe and comfortable,  solid workout with full, fluid range of motion. You’ll also notice that the leverage exercises utilize pivot points that give each exercise a more “real” feel to it.  It almost feels like your lifting free weights without having the need for spotter.  Like most leverage gyms, the design greatly reduces your risk of injury but it still allows you to max out.  It also comes with a removable bench with a removable leg developer which is a big convenience.

It’s creative design allows you to do multiple workouts within a few stations. 

Press Station

The press station alone targets more than just your chest.  You can perform curls, lateral raises, shoulder presses, and more.  

The arms/handles pivot giving you a bit more flexibility along with a more “realistic” feel to the workouts.  

Pull Down Station

This part of the equipment gives the user the ability to do preacher curls, pull downs, and crunches.

Like the press station, the handles also pivot providing you with a smoother, realistic feel. 

Hack Squat

This station is dedicated primarily to legs.  It provides you with the ability to do squats and calf raises.  This is where the DuraFirm padding comes into effect, allowing you to squat heavy without the uncomfortable pressure on your shoulders. 

There are a wide variety of exercises that can be performed with the Body Solid Leverage Gym.  Some of the exercises listed below may require optional equipment.


Bench PressLat Pull DownRear Wrist Curl
Incline PressHigh RowNarrow Grip Triceps Press
Decline PressUpright RowLying Triceps Extension
Converging Chest PressShrugsSeated Triceps Extension
Converging Incline PressStanding Military PressTriceps Pressdown
Converging Decline PressStanding Shoulder PressCalf Raise
Pec FlyIncline Front Delt RaiseSquat
Incline Pec FlySeated Shoulder PressFront Squat
Decline Pec FlySeated Military PressCalf Raise
PulloverConverging Shoulder PressLunge
CrossoverReverse Delt FlyProne Leg Curl
Bent Over RowStanding Biceps CurlLeg Extension
DeadliftStanding Reverse CurlLeverage Squat
Good MorningsPreacher CurlLeverage Calf Raise
Chest-Supported Mid-RowReverse Preacher CurlResistance Ab Crunch
One Arm RowIncline Biceps CurlResistance Oblique Crunch
Frontal Lat Pull DownFront Wrist Curl


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Areas of Improvement

None really.


You get a full lifetime warranty that covers everything.


The dimensions for the Body Solid SBL460P4 Freeweight Leverage Gym are 83”(H) x 104”(W) x 107” (L).  

Weight Load Capacity:

Press & Squat: 1000 lbs.
All other stations: 800 lbs.