Marcy 200 lb. Stack Home Gym Review

by | May 27, 2021 | Selectorized Machines, Strength Training

Update: The prices for these machines have increased over $100 since the pandemic.

You would think a company that pioneered the multi-station home gym equipment would have a large selection of selectorized fitness machines.  But for whatever reason, Marcy hasn’t expanded its stacked weight lineup. 

As it sits, they currently have four selectorized machines – three within the 150 lb. range and the Club MKM-81010, their 200 lb. gym.  It’s the heaviest of the four with the most features which may make it the better option depending on the user and whether or not s/he feels it is worth paying the additional $400 for the unit.

If you’ve done any research on Marcy’s Stack Home Gyms, you’ll notice that their design is compact.  This minimal footprint makes it ideal for small spaces and is especially convenient for areas with a low ceiling, although the Club is about 86” in height – still shorter than a standard ceiling but around 7 to 8 inches taller than the 150 lb series.


The thickness of the frame is the same throughout all of their selectorized home gyms – a 14 gauge powder coated steel frame which will be more than enough to withstand the abuse that comes from using the 200lbs. stacked weights.


Marcy’s warranty is a dismal 2 years for their frame.  Although their frames and weld are durable, it would instill a bit of confidence in potential consumers, if they increased it a bit.  


  • Lat bar
  • Shiver bar (bar used for curling or tricep extensions)
  • Ankle strap
  • Single handle
  • Preacher curl pad

As with everything else, the price of the Club has gone up.  It was, at one point, below $800 but it’s now priced at $999.  You can wait and see (and pray) that the prices go down or shop for a used piece.  

Marcy 200 Lb. Club Stack Home Gym | MKM-81010

Workout Stations

Like the 150 lb. Stack Home Gym, the Club gives the user 200 lbs. of cable resistance allowing the user to perform over 30 strength training workouts from a single position.  It’s the perfect weight for beginners and advanced users alike.  

Each movement is smooth thanks to the cable and pulley system but as with every home gym equipment that requires assembly, we recommend spraying the pulleys with silicone lubricant. 

Press Station

The press station allows you to comfortably perform chest exercises with presses and butterflies.  And while they describe it as a “dual-action” press arm, it does possess a third function – seated rowing.  A simple adjustment allows you to push the arms further back into the machine allowing you to sit backwards to perform the rowing exercises. This design replaces the mid-pulley system you would typically find on other selectorized machines including their MWM-4965.  Whether or not this design is beneficial is debatable and up to the individual user but an important factor to keep in mind is that the mid-pulley provides the user with more exercise variations, e.g., single hand rows, standing mid rows, face pulls, overhead extensions, etc..,

Upper Pulley

Not surprisingly, the upper pulley system in Marcy’s Club 200 lb. MKM – 81010 feels just as smooth as Marcy’s other selectorized home gyms.  And with the lat bar, shiver bar, and single handle, there are a lot of strength training exercises you can perform.  

Lower Pulley

Whether you’re in the seat, standing up, or sitting down in front of the machine, there are countless exercises you can do with the lower pulley.  The accessories that are included allow you to perform various upper body and lower body exercises.  

Warning: Depending on the exercise you perform, make sure you step on the front end of the frame if you go heavy.  Otherwise, the machine will lift so be careful. 

Leg Station

The padded leg extension/curl allows you to work out your quad and hamstrings hard.  Although, one significant issue we have is the inability to adjust the seat and ankle support.  


Sufficient Weight: With 200 lbs. of stacked weights, it’s more than sufficient for the majority of users.
Compact: Marcy’s 200 lb. Club Home Gym comes in a compact design with the following dimensions: 73″L x 39″W x 85.5″H.

Variety of Workouts: You can perform a variety There are a variety of exercises you can perform. The machine is well suited for beginner and novice users looking for total body workouts, strength training, and toning. This is the perfect machine for those who are starting out.

Durable: Despite the heavyweight of 200 lbs., the 14 gauge, steel construction, and powder-coated finish are more than durable enough to withstand any abuse.


Can’t Increase the Weight Resistance: This unit doesn’t allow you to increase the weight resistance so if you’re of average strength and focused on increasing it, you’re capping at 200 lbs.

No Adjustment for the Seat or Leg Station: The seat on this unit doesn’t have an adjustment. The leg station is fixed and cannot be adjusted either.

No Handles for Leg Extension: None of Marcy’s selectorized gyms have handles/grip for leg extensions but since there is more weight with this machine, we thought it was worth the mention. You can grip the bottom of the seat for support but as we know some people may find this to be an issue.

Price: At the time of this writeup, the unit is slightly over $1000 with taxes. A bit pricey considering the features.


Marcy’s 220 lb. Club MKM – 81010 is a nice unit but lacks in certain areas for this price point. There’s no height adjustment for the seat and no adjustment for the ankle support on the leg extensions. You need one or the other to accommodate tall users. Also, the lack of a mid-level pulley eliminates a good number of strength exercises but some may be able to overlook it. Overall, it’s a decent machine but we would expect a bit more flexibility for a $1000+ machine.