Marcy Home Gyms

Marcy is a reputed company manufacturing home gym equipment since 1946 making it one of the oldest companies in the industry.

Although they offer a wide range of fitness products, they are most noted for their strength training equipment and it is the first company to introduce the fitness world to the first-ever all-in-one multi-station home gym. 

From dumbbells to stack machines to power racks, you’ll find virtually everything you’ll need to set up a quality home gym.

Most of the equipment in their lineup is constructed with 14 gauge steel and all come with a minimum of a 2-year limited warranty.

Founded by the late Dr. Walter Marcyan, Marcy home gym equipment has always had a reputation as being one of the top name brands in the industry.

Starting with his gyms, “House of Health”, a string of gyms that were located in Los Angeles, Dr. Marcy soon began manufacturing basic fitness equipment back in 1946 making Marcy one of the oldest gym manufacturers around.

Terry Todd, a fitness historian and kinesiology professor at the University of Texas at Austin indicated that Marcyan’s equipment “played a huge role in making gyms a little more friendly to the average man or woman who wanted to train.”

Jack Lalanne described him as “a very modest man with big talents and he made major contributions to weightlifting and physical fitness.”

Dr. Marcyan continued to innovate fitness machines and in the 1970s, his company Marcy Fitness Products became the leading manufacturer of gym equipment.

In 1998, Marcy Pro was sold to Impex, Inc. but continues with the Marcy brand.  

Even with his passing in 2007, Marcy Fitness continues with his vision and manufactures quality home gym equipment.

“The primary goal of our physical education and athletic program should be’ that every American boy and girl should be stronger and healthier and that they should have attained the knowledge to maintain these blessings through later life.” – Dr. Walter Marcyan