We were fortunate enough to be able to try the Powertec Workbench Multi System at one of the local gyms and it quickly became one of our favorites. It’s the larger and more advanced of the Powertec’s Leverage series and certainly carries the Powertec name very well. It’s a strong, well-built, well-designed leverage home gym that allows 3 users to work out simultaneously. It even comes in two powder coated colors, black and yellow.  The yellow is very sexy to say the least and will look really good in a home gym setup.

Each of the stations provides a safe and effective exercises for virtually every part of your body giving you the same feel as free weights with the safety of a machine. You can literally workout your muscles till failure without the fear of injury.  Each station is engineered for a smooth and quiet operation. Every movement we would make was fluid and allowed us to max out the weights safely. As with the Levergym model, our favorite part about the Multisystem is the independent lever arms. We love the smoothness and comfort it provides during the bent over rows.

Aside from a few additional pieces of equipment, the Powertec Multisystem makes a great home gym for those who prefer plate loaded machines and especially for those who prefer free weights.


You can perform a multitude of exercises including:

Chess PressShrugsDips
Shoulder PressLat Pull DownOne Arm Row
Incline Bench PressPartial Dead LiftPreacher Curl
Upright RowCrunchesAb Crunch
Close Grip Bench PressDrag CurlsSquats
One Arm Tricep ExtensionOverhead Tricep PressProne Row
Decline Bench PressLungesPull Down
Triceps Press DownClose Grip Pull DownCalf Raise
Leg ExtensionsLeg CurlsFlys

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Areas of Improvement

The only problem we can see is the use of the machine by an extremely tall person, e.g., lets say someone with the height of an NBA player.  They may have some issues with the squats and the leg extensions.


Powertec offers a Lifetime Warranty on Structural Frame (Excludes surface finish).
5 year warranty on Moving Frames  (Press Arms and other unspecified moving components).
Two year warranty on Components (Bearings, Locking Pins, Pulleys, Cables, Slide Rods).
One year warranty on Pads, Grips and other unspecified parts.


This gym set has dimensions of 80.5”(H) x 73.3”(W) x 120.1”(L) so it requires quite a bit of room.  You’ll probably want to consider a space of at least 12 to 13 feet.

The weight capacity varies on the exercise:

Lever Press Arm: 500 lbs.
Lat Lever: 400 lbs.
Leg Lift: 200 lbs.Squat Bar: 500 lbs.
Triceps Bar: 200 lbs.
Arm Curl: 200 lbs.
Ab Crunch: 100 lbs.

As you can see, the weight capacity is more than enough for the average person so you don’t have to worry about ever needing to increase the weights.

If you have the room and the budget, then you should definitely consider this one but if you need  one on a smaller scale, then you can try the smaller leverage machines.