Just Another Fitness Reality 810XLT Review…

by | Sep 10, 2020

This pandemic has wreaked havoc in almost everyone’s fitness regimen.

Gyms are closed and what’s worse, a lot of the popular equipment are sold out…and to top it all off,
some of the prices have gone up.

With people losing jobs, and gyms remaining closed, one would hope equipment manufacturers would
keep or even reduce their prices.

But who are we kidding? That’ll never happen.

Fortunately, the Fitness Reality 810XLT Power Rack is an extremely affordable rack that is perfect for
beginner to intermediate users.

There’s another rack under the ProGear label that is the exact same rack for a little higher price tag.

Don’t ask me why because I have no idea. They’re obviously getting their racks from the same

Fitness Reality 810XLT is listed at $299 on its website however, all of their products are always “out of
stock” so it appears that they sell their products through third-party vendors like Walmart or Amazon.


This isn’t a commercial-grade rack so if you’re training hard and pushing heavy weight, you’ll want to
move on to another rack. It’s light, weighing 133.5 lbs. according to their website constructed with 2×2,
14 gauge steel.

It has measurements that are a bit on the small side: 50.5” L x 46.5” W x 83.5” H but good for the
everyday user.

You won’t be able to bolt it down so make certain the rack is leaning against the wall. When you
rack heavy weights, the rack itself will shift or slide.


The rack comes with the following:

1. Safety catches/spotter arms/safety pins – These are 1 inch round, steel bars with a weight
capacity of 800 lbs. Just keep in mind that continuously dropping heavy weights on these
will cause them to bend.

2. J-Hooks – Honestly, these are short and small J-Hooks. According to Fitness Reality’s
website, they have a weight capacity of 800 lbs. but it probably wouldn’t be advisable to rest
that much weight on there for a lengthy period of time.

3. Pull-up bars – The multi-grip pull-up bars are an added benefit to the rack. Front, reverse, or
neutral grips give you everything you need in pull-ups or chin-ups.


Simple – Fitness Reality 810XLT is a simple rack that is perfect for virtually anyone. Unless you’re
consistently lifting over 500 lbs., it’s a great affordable option.

Light – It’s light enough to move around but strong enough to withstand plenty of weight for the
average lifter.

Sturdy – Racking 405 lbs. gives it a bit of shake but seems to handle the weight with ease.

Affordable – Another benefit is that this rack is affordable compared to others. That doesn’t mean a
cheaper quality. It’s well constructed and sturdy.

Warranty – It’s only for one year but still long enough if you consist.


Sways – The rack will sway when you rack heavy weight.

Moves/slides – Since you can’t bolt it down, the rack has to be positioned against something solid.
Otherwise, it will slide around due to its light weight.

Small J-Hooks – The J-Hooks are a bit on the small size. Racking requires the user to be a bit more

Don’t let this pandemic restrict your workouts.  There are countless power racks out there so your choices are plenty but if you have budget constraints, the 810XLT by Fitness Reality is an excellent choice.