One of the major benefits of Total Gym XLS is its price range in comparison to the other models and the amount of exercises you can perform from one station.

And from this one station, you can literally target every muscle group.

Follow the suggested exercises or just get a little creative with the machine and with every routine you perform, you’ll end up with a great burn and be out of breath just after completing a few sets.

This home gym comes with the following:

  1. 5 DVDs with various exercise routines covering beginner, intermediate, and advanced level programs.
  2. Wall chart illustrating various exercise routines.
  3. Nylon strap handles.

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Compact – Total Gym XLS is very compact.  It folds to a small 19 x 51 x 9 and when opens up to 19  x 90 x 43.  Slide it into a corner, place it against the wall, or if it fits, slide it under the bed for later use.

Comes Assembled – Total Gym XLS comes completely assembled.  Take it out of the box, unfold it, attach the squat stand, Training Deck, and the handles and it’s ready to go.

No Weights – No need to add or remove weights.  All that is required is your body weight.  Resistance can be adjusted by elevating or lowering.

Warranty – Total Gym comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, lifetime warranty on the frame, and 6 months on moving parts.

Price – Depending on where you buy it, expect to pay anywhere between $700 to $800.  A comparable price for a home gym that provides this many exercises.

Effective – It is a very effective strength training tool for most of the major muscle groups.


Optional Accessories – You can perform pilates routines, shoulder presses, dips, and leg pulls but only with the optional accessories.  You can even increase the weight with an optional weight bar (weights not included) that attaches to the glideboard.

The dip bar should have been included … at least we wish it was.  This is an important exercise for us in terms of strength training.


If it was capable of being elevated just a bit higher like the other models, it would be fantastic but if you want to pay $20 to $30 for a weight bar plus additional costs for the additional weights, that should cover any issues with the resistance or lack there of.

Some people along with some fitness sites/blogs will tell you that this is great for muscle development.

The fact is, it’s great for toning and strength training but that’s it.