The Powertec Levergym is a very effective piece of equipment.  This machine is just as good as its counterpart, the Multisystem but on a smaller scale and more affordable.  What really sets this machine apart from the rest is the independently moving lever arms which allows you to conduct most of the main strength training exercises. A pin is inserted/removed in the back of the arms to allow for the independent or simultaneous motion. Another added feature is the removable bench which allows you the room to do a multitude of various exercises like squats, rows, shrugs, and arms.

This home gym is packed with so many features, it allows you to perform virtually all of the same exercises as you would on the Multisystem but in a more compact fashion. Like on most leverage machines, you can train to muscle failure without risking your safety.


You can perform the following exercises on the Levergym:

ShrugSquatStraight Leg Deadlifts
Triceps PressBent Knee DeadliftsLat Raises
WoodchopsTriceps PushdownsTriceps Kickbacks
Tricep ExtensionsLungesIsolateral Bench Press
Isolateral Shoulder PressAb CrunchBicep Curls
Arm CurlsBench PressRows
Calf RaisesLat PulldownsShoulder Press

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Areas of Improvement

Only issue(s) is the same as the Workbench.  User height may be an impeding factor.


Powertec offers a Lifetime Warranty on Structural Frame (Excludes surface finish).
5 year warranty on Moving Frames  (Press Arms and other unspecified moving components).
Two year warranty on Components (Bearings, Locking Pins, Pulleys, Cables, Slide Rods).
One year warranty on Pads, Grips and other unspecified parts.


The dimensions for the Levergym are 81.7”(H) x 57.5”(W) x 81.4” (L).  It’s over 3 feet shorter and over a foot narrower then the Multi System and the weight capacity is relatively the same.

Lever Press Arm: 500 lbs.
Lat Lever: 300 lbs.
Leg Lift: 200 lbs.
Squat Bar: 500 lbs.
Triceps Bar: 300 lbs.