The next model from the Life Fitness home gym series is the G3.  Unlike the fixed motion models, the G3 utilizes a full cable system allowing for free motion and is so versatile you can do countless number of cable exercises.

With the G3, you have the option of performing traditional exercises or focus on strengthening muscles you may use for specific activities such as a golf swing.  You just have to be creative but safe.  Remember, since you have to stabilize the cables, most of the routines you perform will trigger multiple muscle groups resulting in an excellent strength training program that  also builds stability and coordination.

The G3 Home Gym will cost you approximately $2000 and that includes a revolving low row bar, ankle strap, two pairs of soft strap handles, 160-lb. (73 kg) weight stack and weight stack shrouds. Optional accessories  include Leg press/calf raise, lat bar and 50-lb. (23 kg) add-on kit.


With the G3, you have the ability to perform well over the 40 exercises reflected in its description.  Some of the common exercises are listed as follows:

  • Arm Exercises – Bicep curls, reverse bicep curls, tricep extensions.
  • Back – Seat rows, lat pulldown, one arm pulley rows.
  • Shoulders – lateral raise, front raise, shrugs.
  • Chest – Press, single arm cable crossover.
  • Legs – Extensions, leg curls, hip abduction, hip extension.
  • Abs – Ab crunch, oblique twists.


Areas of Improvement

As with many home gyms utilizing cable/pulley system, one of the major caveats is the lack of a desirable leg press feature although it does come as an option but with a hefty price tag of $700.

Another oddity to this unit is the mid pulley design feature.  The arms supporting the pulley are set in a fixed position.  If this was designed to pivot or swing forward/backward and up or down, not only would it provide a more comfortable position for some but allow users to perform a variation of chest or shoulder exercises.


The frame, pulleys, and welds come with a lifetime warranty and the pads and cables come with a 3 year warranty.


length 80″ x width 53″ x height 84″