The Bodycraft Galena Pro is a well crafted machine that carries a unique design that allows you to use your home gym space more efficiently.  It’s very diversified with two separate stations allowing for a variety of exercises sharing a 200 pound steel weight stack.  The first station contains the adjustable chest press that includes a seat and back that are adjustable to suit users of various sizes and the multi-functional chest press bar that allows users to perform various exercises including chest presses, inclines, shoulder presses, and mid rows.

The second station contains the dual-function pec dec where traditional and dumbbell style flys can be performed.  It’s also designed to adjust to various size users.

Users also have the option to include a leg press which is cabled to provide up to 300 pounds of resistance along with a stack guard that covers the weight stack for aesthetics.


  • Durable: Like all their equipment, the Galena Pro is built solid.  Its heavy gauge steel tubing ensures a lifetime of durability.
  • Plenty of Resistance: The weight stack comes with 200 lbs. of steel plates in 10 lb. increments.  More than enough for the average user.
  • Unique Design: The machine has an L shaped design which fits comfortably in the corner of your home gym.


  • Optional Attachments: The leg press attachment and weight stack guards will cost you extra.
  • Limited Exercises: Still doesn’t provide as many exercises as the other models utilizing the adjustable arms.


The Galena Pro is another machine added to the list of best home exercise equipment.  The creative design, price,  and effectiveness of this gym is what makes it so popular and a major contender in its class.

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