I got home from the gym this evening and had to write about an annoying experience.

We’ve all witnessed the idiots in the gym that possess little to no gym etiquette … especially a gym where a large percentage of the members are a young, thuggish crowd.

I won’t disclose the name of the specific gym but lets just say that the membership fee is low enough to attract a bunch of idiots … definitely time to cancel the membership … but I digress.

Anyhow, as I was exercising, I witnessed some guy setting up the leg press machine.

Now, this guy was a decent size, no real definition … just a little bulk.

But his LEGS!!! LOL!


Despite his disproportionate build, this guy decided to hunt around the entire gym to collect every wheel (45 lbs) he could find and max the leg press machine.

He sat with his friend and seemed to enjoy the attention he was getting from around the room.

After standing for a while and providing what sounded like some coaching advice to his friend, he sat with his fragile legs and pressed.

I watched as he bent his legs.

Now, any of you who know how to use the leg press machine knows in order to utilize the machine effectively, you have to lower it till your legs form at least 90° or a bit more.

This guy was nowhere close.

I would be generous to say he was around 45°.

I think I’ve seen the platform lower more when I work out my calves.

As far as reps, I don’t think he completed one.

From there he would remove 1 plate from each side for each set until he was down to 3 wheels on each side.

The following is a video to give you and idea of what I was witnessing.  It’s not the guy I’m referring to and no, I didn’t record him although I should have.

People who wanted to use the Smith Machines and Squat Racks were waiting for this schmuck so that they could get the additional weights they needed.

And those who wanted to use the leg press would ask him how many sets were remaining.

I couldn’t hear exactly what it was but probably something outrageous like, ” I HAVE 50 MORE SETS.

It’s like no one was able to workout because of this schmuck.

Granted, this is a commercial gym and they should invest in more weights but this guy was an absolute idiot and what’s worse is that he was proud of himself.

The point of this post has two parts:

1. I needed to vent.

2. Don’t be like this schmuck.

If you want to max, make sure you can perform a complete and proper repetition.

Don’t do it half-ass.

It’s useless, serves no purpose and you look like an idiot and you may end up on Youtube with the video entitled “Epic FAIL”.

If people are asking you how much longer you have and they are alone, LET THEM WORK IN.

Don’t be an ass … unless they have some hygiene issues.

And last but not least, if you’re seeking or getting advice at the gym, don’t get it from morons like this guy.

You’ll get a big fat DONUT for results and worse, you’ll end up getting injured.


Anthony – Thanks for letting me post this.  I know it’s not really on par with the site’s content but I thought it would have some relevance and give your audience a sense of proper etiquette.