With a “Best Buy” rating from Consumer Digest, the Bodycraft Xpress Pro is a popular model among their legacy home gym series.

With the adjustable bench press and seating coupled with the imaginative design of the adjustable cable arms, users have a whole array of exercises including curls, lateral raises, front raises, shrugs, chest press, pec flys, incline press, decline press, shoulder press, ab crunches, and more.

Athletes can also benefit from the Xpress Pro by incorporating the adjustable cable arms into their fitness regimen.

Whether it’s golf, tennis, baseball, or any other sport that requires a swinging motion, athletes can use the cables to practice their movements.

The Bodycradft Xpress Pro is compact (without the leg press station).

Its dimensions of 82.75″ H x 83″ L  x  57″ W leaves a lot of extra space for the user whether it’s stuck in the corner of a room or against the wall.

Accessories included with gym are lat pull bar, ankle strap, curl bar, and two single handles.


Durable:  This machine is constructed with a durable 12 gauge steel tube frame with a powder coated finish.

Plenty of Resistance: The weight stack comes with 200 lbs. of steel plates in 10 lb. increments but comes with a doubling cable system feature allowing the user up to 400 lbs. for both bench and leg press station (optional).

Lots of Exercises: This machine provides over 50 effective exercises allowing you to achieve greater results more quickly.

Space Efficient: The dimensions of this machine are a compact 82.75″ H x 83″ L  x  57″ W considering the amount of exercises this machine provides.

Warranty: One of the very few manufacturers that backup their equipment with a lifetime warranty for parts and frame.


Price: Starting at around $2599.00, this machine is not cheap but factors to consider would be the amount and effectiveness of the exercises you get from this machine and its warranty.

Assembly: With the various exercises mentioned, expect to spend a whole day assembling.

Optional Attachments: Like many other home gym equipment, the leg press attachment will cost you extra.


Despite its hefty price tag, the Bodycraft Xpress Pro is one most the most versatile home gyms in its class providing a wide range of exercises.  In addition to its functionality, the lifetime guarantee makes this home gym well worth the price.

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