The Life Fitness G2 Home Gym is a compact machine that gives you 25 strength training exercises with a 160 lb. weight stack (option to raise an additional 50 lbs.).   The smallest out of the Life Fitness home gym series, it still provides the  durable and ergonomic design the name is known for.

Despite the compact design, the G2 Home Gym provides you with a full body, strength training workout. The cables are extremely smooth providing a fluid range of motion for every routine and you can easily transition from one exercise to another.

With an approximate cost of $1500, you get a lat bar, revolving low row bar, ankle strap, 160-lb. (73 kg) weight stack and weight stack shrouds with an optional leg press/calf raise and 50-lb. (23 kg) add-on kit and despite the hefty price tag, you get an exercise machine that is extremely durable and will last you a very long time.


A list of some of the exercises that can be performed are as follows:

  • Arm Exercises – Bicep curls, reverse bicep curls, tricep extensions.
  • Back – Seat rows, lat pulldown.
  • Shoulders – lateral raise, front raise, shrugs.
  • Chest – Press (close and wide grip).
  • Legs – Extensions, leg curls, hip abduction, hip extension
  • Abs – Ab crunch


Areas of Improvement

Leg press is available as an option but at a cost of $700.  Shoulder press capability is also lacking in this unit although it is available in the G4 model.  If these routines were incorporated into this base system, it would make this an all around perfect machine.


The frame, pulleys, and welds come with a lifetime warranty and the pads and cables come with a 3 year warranty.


width 48” x length 71” x height 83”